Pack it up

In light of the FDA’s CGMP legislation and improved HACCP practices, the demand for the highest quality packaging, machinery and materials has never been higher. NGF speaks with Keith Pearson for the low down.

The FDA’s CGMP legislation and HACCP practices are just two examples of increased regulations the food industry has seen recently. There are two main drivers that have led to this increased regulatory environment, which both revolve around consumer safety: “First terrorism, and second security related to counterfeit.

But there are costs associated with implementing these security measures; new technology has been developed to ensure consumer safety and ensure that each article is capable of being accurately and speedily identified and traced.” But how is the industry coping with these increased regulations? According to Pearson, staff training and education is a critical area: knowing the regulations and understanding the available technical possibilities of meeting the requirements is key to being successful.

When speaking about maximizing packaging and process efficiency while adhering to cost restraints, Pearson admits that some global retailing trends do make it more difficult to maximize process/manufacturing efficiency. “Trends such as smaller pack sizes and shorter runs together with new sometimes more complicated processes do make it more difficult to reduce costs. Raw material costs by far form the largest part of the cost structure, most packaging industries have made major strides in reducing raw material costs mainly through manufacturing…