Total Nutrition: feeding animals for health and growth

Food of animal origin plays an important and indispensable role in human life. Foods of animal origin, such as milk, eggs and meat, supply high quality and readily digested protein and energy, as well as being a compact source of readily available micronutrients. The economic and nutritional demands of our modern society necessitate the raising of large numbers of animals in relatively small areas with high rates of productivity. Unfortunately, the great success of modern animal husbandry in producing large quantities of low cost food frequently goes unrecognized.


  • Difficult demands: safe food, low cost, ethical issues, environmental impact
  • Struggle for supremacy: management of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Problems of perception: animal production, food safety and public health
  • The enemy within: non-infectious diseases and oxidative stress
  • Virtues of cleanliness: feed quality and hygiene
  • External enemies: immune system and defence in a dangerous world
  • Raw material processing: digestion and absorption of nutrients
  • Monitoring performance: assessment of total nutrition and feeding standards
  • Eating to live: voluntary feed intake

Furthermore, food production and safety has become a highly publicized and politicized issue. In some parts of the world, food security is now almost taken for granted and food safety has become the paramount concern. This has focused attention on the systems of animal production. One major aspect of this is the reduction in use of antibiotics and other medicinal products in animal production, largely due to fears over bacterial resistance. On the other hand, there are increasing demands to improve feed hygiene, to maintain animal health and welfare and to reduce the environmental impact of animal production.

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Nutritional solutions are now required for all of these issues. In fact, nutrition is all there…

Effectively Treating Dysentery 4 Natural Remedies With It

Ladies, some people may have a sensitive stomach, and sometimes the food is not fit will give health effects such as diarrhea and dysentery. Dysentery is a digestive disorder that is common to everyone. Intestinal inflammation which focused on the large intestine can be characterized by the presence of mucus during defecation.

Although it is quite common, that does not mean you can ignore Ladies. This is because it will change more severe dysentery dna health-threatening if not promptly dealt with appropriately. Although it is the chemical medicine that doctors prescribe potent overcome dysentery, but no one tried to treat with natural medicine.

As expressed by, which provides an alternative medicine with natural ingredients that are easy to find and get, such as

1. Orange juice
Eating orange juice with a little extra water is a natural remedy for dysentery. This is because citrus fruits helps encourage good bacteria in the gut to grow. You can also add yogurt or buttermilk to kill bad bacteria and produce acetic acid.

2. Milk pomegranate
If you do not like yogurt, then replace it with milk is also very good. However, it should be mixed with boiled pomegranate skin because the skin has a lot of antioxidants. You can boil pomegranate skin at least 50 g in 250 ml of milk, allow it to boil 10 minutes and lift, drink while warm.

3. Black tea and honey
Black tea has tannins to reduce intestinal inflammation. Drink a cup of hot black tea also provides a cooling effect in the stomach, so it is good for people with dysentery. While honey is a natural remedy antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, so it is good to overcome dysentery. If you have green tea, it would be better Ladies.

4. Carrots, bananas
Carrots and bananas are foods rich in vitamins and minerals that can provide additional energy to the patient while reducing suffering dysentery. When experiencing dysentery, you can feel very tired, therefore, eat lots of fibrous food and energy will greatly help restore your body strength.

So, if you have dysentery, or perhaps diarrhea, then the natural remedies above can be applied in order to reduce suffering and cure dysentery is slowly but effectively Ladies.


Beating the fraudsters

In the fight against food fraud, greater intelligence sharing amongst food agencies will be key to ensuring standards are met and rule-breakers brought to justice.

Picture the scene. It is London in 1820. Bakers are mixing dough with chalk and plaster to make loaves whiter and heavier. Brewers are using strychnine to make beer taste bitter. Confectioners are using poisonous lead and mercury salts to make sweets brightly coloured and more attractive to children. It’s a great time to be an enterprising food producer with questionable scruples, but probably not such a pleasurable period for the poor consumers subjected to hazardous substances on a daily basis.

Fast-forward two centuries and things have, thankfully, changed for the better. Standards have done much to improve the quality of the food we eat, ensuring there are no nasty surprises hidden away in the ingredients cupboard; and swift prosecution of transgressions has led to increased confidence in the safety (and legitimacy) of the food chain. Organisations such as the Food Standards Agency in the UK and the European Food Safety Authority have worked tirelessly in this regard.

Nevertheless, food fraud does still exist – recent high-profile cases include vodka being diluted with industrial methylated spirits and problems with the supply of rotten poultry to certain supermarkets – and stopping such illegal practices is critical to minimising public health risks…

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Important Reasons Why Sugar Should Be Limited

Many say that eating too many sugary foods or contain a lot of sugar is the main ticket you have diabetes. That is true, but there are several other diseases that are also associated with excessive sugar consumption.

As quoted, some reason need to be disclosed why sugar consumption should be limited, and this was the reason

1. High blood pressure
Do not think that people with hypertension only sensitive to salt and sodium, because excessive sugar is not good for people with hypertension. People who eat too much sugar, especially simple sugars, more likely to have levels of HDL or good cholesterol is low.

This can lead to an increase in triglycerides, or bad fats in the blood. It is precisely the risk clogging the arteries and blood vessels, is the cause of heart disease.

2. High Cholesterol
People who eat too much sugar are more likely to have high levels of HDL, or good cholesterol, higher levels of LDL, or bad cholesterol, and higher levels of triglycerides, or blood fat. It helps the arteries and blood vessels, causing heart disease.

3. Diseases of the liver
Strict diet so does not let any little sugar into the body is believed to worsen fatty liver disease. But on the contrary, too much sugar will be a bad effect on insulin and encourage fat into liver cells, which causes inflammation and scarring of the liver, which eventually causes cirrhosis.

So the consumption of sugar to taste, not too much nor too little. To reduce the consumption of sugar, replace it with a more natural foods like fruits. Sugar diet can also be done by reducing soft drinks, not much to eat ice cream and candy.